March 31, 2015

Exciting News!

Super excited to announce that fantastic editor and fellow Brandeis alumna Jennifer London and I have partnered up to bring you Touchstone Editing!

Absolutely all of my services will still be available, with the added bonus that Jennifer is brilliant in genres I normally do not work with, such as Fantasy and Science Fiction. She will also handle editing for Young Adult projects. Plus, now we can offer you in-house proofreading for manuscripts we've previously worked on, by having the other Touchstone editor take on that task!

I will also continue offering my translation and copywriting services, separately from Touchstone, and this site will still remain up to date on any special offers or news. 

March 24, 2015

Writers For Hope Auction

UPDATE: The rules for the auction and a full list of auction items have been posted!
A full manuscript critique by me is up for grabs at #47

So much has been happening behind the scenes, and I have exciting news I hope to be able to share very soon! Meanwhile, I wanted to mention a wonderful fundraiser I'm thrilled to be able to support.

Writers for Hope Online Auction is an annual fundraiser held in April, benefiting the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. Many industry professionals are donating books or services to help raise money to combat sexual assault. This year's auction will take place on April 1st.

Personally, I'm donating an editorial letter! An editorial letter provides notes on the main points of the story, including character development, world building, and plot, all synthesized into one separate document. Another way to think of it is as a full manuscript critique.

I'll be posting further info as it's available, but meanwhile you can check out a constantly updated list of donors and donations, and please share. Auction items include great options for both writers and readers!

December 2, 2014

Beyond the Words Release-day Blast!

The community writing project I founded, Scripting Change, released their second anthology, Beyond the Words, today!

Absolutely every piece of this e-book, from the coordination, to the contents, to the beautiful cover art, was volunteered, and 100% of proceeds will be donated to nonprofit organizations championing literacy in their communities.  Read on to find out why!

About the Project:

Scripting Change is a writing initiative that aims to bring together the vast community of writers and readers in support of responsible nonprofit organizations. 

The project accepts submissions from writers, relating to a theme that reflects an important cause.  The selected pieces are combined in an anthology which is published as an e-book, in this case: Beyond the Words.  Proceeds from this and every Scripting Change e-books' sales are donated to the matched organization that champions each e-book's cause.

By focusing on the compelling words of writers, Scripting Change is able to raise not only funds but also awareness for the causes of the organizations they support.  The time and talents of everyone involved are offered freely, so the project has absolutely no overhead costs, which means every dollar raised is donated to positively impact our society!

About the Nonprofits:

It is impossible to overstate the importance of literacy, yet so many struggle with this crucial skill. So, Scripting Change has decided to donate proceeds from Beyond the Words to not one, but three nonprofits throughout the United States, all of which foster literacy in their communities.
    Read for Literacy, in Northwestern Ohio, provides learning opportunities for readers of all ages and backgrounds, with three tailored programs: Creating Young Readers, for children in kindergarten through 2nd grade; Adult Basic Education; and English Language Learners, for non-native English speakers.
    Literacy Action, in Atlanta, Georgia, offers an incredibly wide array of literacy programs for adults — from literal reading assistance, to workplace literacy, family literacy & education, and much more, this organization provides its community with crucial support, enhancing so many lives!
    Page Ahead, in Seattle, Washington, focuses its literacy efforts on children, allowing elementary-school children to browse book fairs at the end of the school year & choose their own books for the summer — which are then provided to them by Page Ahead! They bolster this program by also working with parents, helping them engage their young readers.

Now it's your turn!

Scripting Change depends entirely upon the support of the community as a whole.  The writers, and our cover designer, have done their part; the coordinators have brought it all together; now it's up to you, the readers.  We hope you will enjoy the anthology!

Beyond the Words is available through: 

Smashwords ~*~ Amazon: USUK ~*~ Barnes & Noble

Learn more about this project at:
Find them on Facebook or on Twitter: @ScriptingChange

June 5, 2014

Understanding Your Editor

I've had a few experiences with writers being unaware of what to expect from an editing process. These writers are unprepared for the reality of editing, which can then make the editorial comments feel like mean-spirited criticisms or attacks. 

Honestly, each time I send edits to a new client, a part of me worries that the writer will misunderstand the intention behind my comments and may react defensively, rather than incorporating the suggestions into their work. In one such instance, at a local writing group meeting, a new writer was visibly affected by my comments. Thankfully, this writer was later able to take a step back, evaluate the feedback, and grow from it; and eventually, she sought me out to edit her manuscript.  Frequently, this is my experience even with those writers who are initially defensive. But occasionally, writers, being sensitive with and protective of their work, are unable to accept the value of an editor's input, and thus the point of this post. 

My job, as an editor, is not to tell you what's great about your work. My job is to show you the weaknesses, each and every single one, so that you can address them and thereby enhance your work. When I am critiquing your manuscript, I don't create the problems. I merely want to help you fix them.

Think of it this way: if you were building a ship and someone came to assist you, would you want them to point out only the parts you did well? Or, would you want them to show you where there are weaknesses or outright holes, so that you can patch up those spots before launching the ship out into the open ocean?  Hopefully, you want the latter, as that way your ship won't sink, leaving you stranded. 

My goal with every manuscript I see is to help it fulfill its potential, and the way to do that is to address where it is falling short.  My job would be much simpler if all I had to do was compliment writers' work (in fact, that would probably require little more than a form letter), but is that really what you want from your editor? If so, I'm not the one for you — though there are plenty of unscrupulous editors out there who would be willing to take your money to tell you how brilliant you are.

I would rather help you improve your work, so that when you bring it into the world, with whichever publishing model you choose, it is as strong (and seaworthy) as we can make it.  This means pointing out holes and telling you where to cut away the rot. 

That way, when I tell you your work is amazing, you can feel utterly confident that it is ready to withstand the inevitable attacks from petty critics as it makes its way into your readers' homes, hearts, and minds.

January 20, 2014

Special Offer for Writers!

Update: All edited pages have now been emailed back.  If you have not received your pages, but did receive an email confirmation, please get in touch so I can resend!
I spend a lot of my time meeting with local writing groups, discussing editing and the publishing industry.  In that time, I have met writers who didn't know they could get professional help with developing their story before querying, writers who don't understand how their work could benefit from the input of a good editor, and writers who select an editor based not on quality of work but only on cost of services.  Especially that last category will frequently become frustrated by readers' comments, an unresponsiveness to queries, or a lack of overall success if self-publishing.

I really hate to see that happen, so, in the interest of sharing the benefit provided by solid developmental editing, I will be offering a one-time special:  
Any writer who sends in the first 15 pages (about 3750 words) of a manuscript on February 3rd will receive a FREE developmental edit for those pages!

The Rules:

  1. Pages must be emailed on February 3rd, between 12:00AM PST and 11:59PM PST.
  2. Acceptable formats are .rtf, .doc, or .docx.
  3. Please include your name and the category / genre, in your email and in the document (e.g. Name / Adult / Fantasy).
    • For this offer, I will be accepting MG and YA, as well as my standard NA and Adult manuscripts. Sorry, but no picture books.
  4. Pages will be edited in the order received.
    • Whether you send them earlier or later in the day, it will still take some time for me to go through your pages, so please be patient! I will send a confirmation (by end of day February 4th) that I received your email, and I will go through them all.
  5. I reserve the right to refuse to edit pages that contain inappropriate or offensive material, as decided solely by me. 
Please leave any questions in the comments, and I look forward to reading your work!

    November 28, 2013

    Happy Holidays!

    With November coming to a close, it's wonderful to think of all the stories that have been born this month, of those writers who have challenged themselves, and of those who have discovered that this label does, in fact, apply to them as well.  Whether you wrote, supported someone who did, or worked toward other goals, this is a great time to take a second to reflect on all that you have accomplished this month.

    This year's double-feature of Hannukah and Thanksgiving have the season up and running right out of the gate.  Undoubtedly, it will be hectic, but whichever set of holidays you celebrate, I wish you a safe, joyful, and love-filled holiday season!

    November 4, 2013

    Scripting Change Release Day!

    Today is the official release day of the inaugural publication of Scripting Change, a community writing initiative I founded earlier this year.  The basic idea of the project is that those involved – the writers, cover designer, and coordinators – donate their time and talents to create an e-book, the proceeds from which are then donated to a nonprofit linked with that book.

    Our inaugural anthology, Seeing Past Sickness, will benefit the MSTR Scholarship Foundation, which aims to provide scholarships for those students affected by chronic illness, who nevertheless have the passion, drive, and determination to seek or continue their educations.  100% of proceeds* from the sale of this e-book will be donated directly to the MSTR Foundation.

    *Proceeds = (Cost of book) - (% taken by the distributor)

    Seeing Past Sickness is available through: 

    Smashwords ~*~ Amazon: US; UK; CAN ~*~ Barnes & Noble

    Learn more about this project at:!